If your attendee-control system starts and ends with the bored security personnel at the exhibit hall entrance, beware: Meeting security expectations are higher post-9/11. Some simple and inexpensive tools to help control access to your events are the badges, “TIMEspots,” and other self-expiring identification products produced by Suffern, N.Y. — based Temtec Inc.

A Temtec badge comes in two pieces: a printable back portion and an adhesive overlay. When the overlay is attached to the backing, a chemical reaction begins that eventually makes a red grid appear. The beauty of the system is that Temtec has been able to control the timing of the reaction. It sells badges that begin to change color after two hours (bright red within four hours), eight hours (bright red within 12 hours), one week, and one month. If someone is no longer allowed at your event, the badge will speak for itself.

For organizers who would rather use their own badge vendor, the company's TIMEspots product is a time-expiring sticker that can be applied to any badge, tag, or other article. Pricing starts at $43 per 1,000 for one-day stickers.

“Is it going to save the world? Absolutely not,” says Temtec marketing manager Jody Sherman. “It's a deterrent.” For more information or to request free samples, call Temtec at (800) 628-0022, or visit www.tempbadge.com.