You may not be able to pull off a full-scale ticker tape parade to celebrate your sales stars, but a shot or two of confetti might get your appreciation across. Van Nuys, Calif. — based Artistry in Motion designs and manufactures special effects confetti, including shaped confetti (such as hearts, bells, and leaves), 3-D confetti made of lightweight foam, eco-friendly confetti that dissolves in water, and SkyWords — confetti imprinted with a logo or message. SkyWords can be printed on tissue or metallic film and can even be cut into the shape of a corporate logo.

A typical price for imprinted tissue confetti is about $11.99 per pound, although it can be more or less depending on the size of the order and the shape and material used. A minimum order for tissue confetti is 250 pounds (100 pounds for metallic confetti). That's probably more than enough for most corporate meetings since, according to the company, you can get a pretty spectacular stage effect in a ballroom with just 20 pounds.

Artistry in Motion's sister company, Best Shot Cannons, rents and sells confetti cannons, including a handheld unit, a remote-fired system, and a continuous flow unit. To learn more, visit, or contact the company at con or (818) 994-7388.