Click-Start Your Meeting is the online meeting service for the complete idiot (that's not you, but it may be some technophobe you know). That's because it is far and away the easiest-to-use site for planning and marketing meetings that we have ever seen.

From seeUthere, you can send e-mail invitations to people you want to attend your meeting. Not sure who to invite? SeeUthere has partnered with an Internet community-building site,, where you can search for people with similar interests. For example, we found 245 Linux online communities from which to select potential attendees for a Linux-related conference.

You can also create a Web site on the spot for your organization's meeting, complete with a welcome message, some news about the organization, a mission statement, and contact information. If you're running a nonprofit organization and can supply a nonprofit 501c number, it's even possible to do fund- raising at the site--although seeU-there indicates that if you really start fund raising from the site, you'll get a phone call, presumably to make sure you're not fraudulent. Other functions include an online ticketing service, a reminder service for invitees, and a link to the Trade Show News Network. Probably the coolest extra service is the seeUthere marketplace, where you can find everything from online AV suppliers and computer rental companies to decorators and event insurance.

Three things make seeUthere especially amazing: 1. The site is easy to understand and navigate. 2. The directories work. You really can find a wide choice of vendors to provide all kinds of meetings-related products and services. 3. The whole thing is free.

Check it out at

If you've been involved with sales meetings for a while, you've probably already wrestled with a Take Off! theme, a Forward to the Future! theme, a Making Connections! theme, and other standards. If your inkwell has run dry and the motif for your next meeting just isn't coming to you, there's an e-commerce option to consider. John K. MacKenzie, author of It's Show Time: How to Plan and Hold Successful Sales Meetings, is selling his meeting scripts, themes, and ideas online. At, which MacKenzie launched this past fall, he lists 16 meeting scripts, 10 meeting outlines, four concepts for product introductions, as well as 100 meeting theme ideas. He sells them via e-mail for $25 apiece (the 100 theme ideas are sold as one item), or $250 for the lot.

You can't actually read online what you'd be buying, but you can get a synopsis. For example, for a meeting script called "Genesis," he writes: "An audacious slice-of-life mood piece sets the stage for a sensitive product situation, e.g. a prescription drug introduction. Music: Primal creation. Rocky barren landscape. Build for about 10 seconds before narration starts." For a more thorough look at his work, MacKenzie will e-mail you one free script if you send him your particulars. At the site, he also gives you 10 samples of his 100 themes. With ideas such as Action 2000!, Discover the Difference!, From This Moment On, and The Millennium Masters, you might consider brainstorming on your own, but at 25 cents per idea, it's hard to go wrong. For more information, visit the Writing Works Web site or contact MacKenzie at (212) 737-8910,