Houston-based Continental Airlines launched its electronic airline ticket concept, E-Ticket, in 1995 and now reports 40 percent of its domestic passengers are using it. With those results, the airline is expanding the program with plans to make E-Tickets available to 27 countries by the end of the year. Panama City and Mexico City are the first destinations.

With Continental's electronic ticketing, customers get a reservation numbers from their travel agent and then use an E-Ticket Machine at the airport to check in, make seat selections, and, for Elite OnePass members, upgrade to first class.

American and United airlines have also added some international gateways to their electronic ticketing programs.

For the second year in a row, Hayes Conference Center in San Jose, Calif., hosted a "Fun in the Sun Day" for its meeting planner clients, most of whom are from high-tech companies. Pictured from last May's event is The Orbatron, or human gyroscope, provided by Total Rebound. The day's activities focus around teambuilding events. The Orbatron doesn't cause motion sickness because the participant is always moving in three directions. Some 20 to 25 people per hour can ride. All the invitations and RSVPs for the annual event are done on-line. See www.hayesconferencecenter.com.