SALESDRIVER.COM: YOU ONLY PAY IF IT WORKS If you want a quick sales boost, log on to's Web site and you can create an incentive contest lickety split. There's no upfront cost - and if the contest doesn't motivate your sales force, there's no cost at all. You pay only when salespeople meet their goals and earn their rewards.

The setup is simple: Log on to and set the targets and the rewards; your salespeople get e-mail announcements, they log on to site to get all the details, and they're off and running. Reaching their goals earns them "DriverDollars," which they can spend online when the contest closes. They'll browse the catalog, which contains more than 1,500 items, from a PalmPilot in the electronics section to a Caribbean island rental in the extreme rewards section. Shipping, handling, and taxes are included in each item's driver-dollar price.

"Our service is a way to quickly build a program when a sales leader needs to attack a particular sales goal - a particular number or product mix - over a quarter or six months," explains Mark Sullivan, vice president of sales at the Maynard, Mass.-based company.

Sales executives running large contests or wanting personal consultation on their programs can buy the $499 service package, which also provides a more customized look to the contest site.'s primary revenue source is a markup on the prizes. The site had its worldwide launch in March and has completed more than 450 programs for some 300 companies.