Do you know who Douglas Englebart is? Your reviewer did not, to his everlasting shame. Englebart invented the device we know as the mouse. When he introduced the little gizmo at a demo in San Francisco in 1968, he also presided over a videoconference between San Francisco and Stanford University. Englebart's story, as well as a whole slew of links to information about him, are all available at (click on digital culture). has long been known for its impartial reviews and pricing of computers, peripherals, and related devices. Yet its Tech Trends site is a gold mine of ideas. A recent visit yielded thoughtful discussions of the ethics of Internet bulletin-board communities and pirating and copyright issues. It's not a bad place to troll for keynote speakers, either, with its Five Most Influential People In Computing (where Douglas Englebart popped up) and another feature called "The Decade In Computing."

Of course, is still tops at its original mission of providing information about new devices--and their prices. For example, if you're in the market for the NEC MultiSync XG85RP, at 72 inches also known as the Mother of All Video Display Screens, you'll find the specifications, the price, and a way to purchase one, all at one spot.