Last-Minute Stuff Site Some genius product manager has just come to you with a request, since you're the kind of person who "knows where to find these things." He's holding a focus group with 15 people tomorrow and has just realized that he needs a nice thank-you gift for everyone. Nice, but not too expensive. Tomorrow. You look up from your pile of RFPs, say "," and tell him to have a nice day. On such minor victories are good days built. is a Web site where you can search for promotional items, gifts, and giveaways by key word, price range, and turnaround time. It is meant for people who need stuff at the last minute. It has a screen button for rush items, which leads to a list of 100 gifts that can be ordered with 24-hour turnaround time. The most expensive is an art deco-style alarm clock for $42.75; the most common (these guys know their audience) is the stress ball, available in 18 different guises including a heart, a dollar sign, and a cartoon character.

For those who plan ahead, hundreds of items ranging from hats and badges to toolkits and T-shirts are available within 72 hours. Since it is well known that the tech industry lives and dies with logowear ("It's not a career, it's a wardrobe"), the T-shirt selection is worth a look. offers not just shirts, but shirts compressed into such novel shapes as a race car, a dollar bill, a heart, or a compact disc.

A nice touch at the site is a screen button that says "learn." Click on it, and you're taken to a page of links to short essays on advertising, branding, and many other marketing subjects. Remarkably, these include links and phone numbers so you can contact the authors for additional advice.

Another nice touch is a toll-free telephone number on the home page, which you can call between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST to speak to an actual person about your rush order. There is also an instant-messaging feature that is supposed to connect you in chat mode with an operator, but when the site was reviewed, there was no one available with whom to chat. To learn more, visit