The editors' favorite innovations to help you do your job better--or at least have fun trying.

See What I Mean? If you have a hard time creating a distraction-free environment on the trade show floor, or even at your own user group meetings, for that matter, Sony Electronics has an interesting solution. Its new Glasstron audio/video headset can be connected to any video source (analog or digital), including VCRs, DVD players, camcorders, and PCs, and create for the viewer what they say is an experience similar to watching a 52-inch television from 6.5 feet away. Too intense? A "see through mode" shutter on the headset allows viewers to adjust the amount of the outside world they want to see in addition to the little LCD screens delivering the 18,000-pixel images. Glasstron also features stereo sound and weighs just .3 lbs. For the $899 list price you get the headset and power supply box, as well as a adapter cables, a carrying case, and a sun shade for outdoor use. For more information, visit or contact Sony at (800) 222-7669.

A new digital projector, Plus UP-880, unveiled at last fall's Comdex caught our attention. While at 800 ANSI lumens it's not the brightest on the market, it's got some impressive stats for a unit that's reasonably priced ($6,995) and truly portable: It's 9.9 pounds, just under 4 inches high, and its footprint is only a bit bigger than this magazine (9.25 inches by 12.2 inches). Plus Corp.'s UP-880 is an SVGA projector (that means an 800 x 600 line resolution), but features compression technology that allows it to present XGA (1024 x 768 line resolution) without line omission. The unit's contrast ratio is an impressive 500:1 and it can project image sizes up to 25 feet.

Other cool features: The unit has a digital zoom operated via remote control. Using the zoom, any selected portion of an image can be magnified up to 400 percent. Also, the remote comes with a built in mouse and laser pointer, and the projector's carrying case accommodates a laptop computer. For more information, contact Plus Corp. in Allendale, N.J. at (800) 289-7587.