With the electronic whiteboard going strong, the folks at E-Pen InMotion Inc. don't have to sell people on the benefits of capturing handwritten words and images on their computers. All they need to explain is how to do it without a whiteboard.

The Singapore- and Haifa, Israel-based company has a new ballpoint pen on the market that, when used with a small receiver clipped to the top of any ordinary piece of paper, acts a lot like an e-whiteboard. The clip uses an ultrasonic-infrared positioning technology to capture the pen's movements. With this system, an individual can send a handwritten message or drawing from any mobile phone, PDA, pager, PC, or Internet appliance.

The E-pen, priced at $179, began shipping this winter through an arrangement with electronics maker Casio. Serial port and USB port versions are available. For more information, write to info@e-pen.com, or visit www.e-pen.com.