I'm a follower of Sue Pelletier. Yes, I read her lively face2face blog and find her at Twitter, but I was referring to something else.

Sue is the gifted former editor of Association Meetings who recently moved on to the editorship of Medical Meetings (a sister magazine). I followed Sue eight years ago, when she moved from Religious Conference Manager (another magazine under the MeetingsNet umbrella) to new editorial adventures and achievements within MeetingsNet. Now I follow her again, as editor of Association Meetings.

Just as in 2001 with Religious Conference Manager, I am honored and humbled to walk behind my good friend. I am pleased, too, that her writing will continue to appear occasionally in Association Meetings.

A lot has changed since 2001.

Back in 2001 my 3-year-old daughter was learning how to swim; today she's 11 and is teaching me how to use my iPhone.

Back in 2001 I knew very little about meeting planning; today I am confident I could step in and plan meetings.

Back in 2001 I had never built an e-newsletter, produced video for the Web, hosted a Webinar, or heard of social media; today, editing and writing for the Web are part of my daily life, video and Webinars are a fun piece of what I do, and social media is on the cover of the magazine you are holding.

Back in 2001 I was trying to lose some weight; well, that hasn't changed.

My love of learning hasn't changed, either, and that's why I am excited to step into the world of association meetings.

As a member of a handful of associations myself, I know how important your work is to your memberships. The meetings you plan energize, motivate, and inspire hundreds, even thousands, of people. Your meetings enhance people's personal and professional lives.

I will learn a lot from you, and I hope you will learn a few things from me, too. I look forward to our next conversation, whether it's by e-mail, by telephone, on the Web, or perhaps even in person at a meeting.