We recently asked readers of our e-newsletter what the strangest request they had received might be. Here are a few of their answers:

I recently found our president's spouse timing how long it took to fill the toilet in the presidential suite's bathroom — she thought it was taking too long and wanted it repaired or replaced before their reception. — ANONYMOUS

I had arranged for a limo to pick up our conference chairman from the airport — I even got a stretch at no extra charge. I was looking forward to a word of appreciation from my association client. However, the conference chairman was not happy because the limo waiting for him was white, and he thought that white limos are for weddings. I immediately thought of trying to send a black one in honor of my “funeral.” — DICK BARTON, BARTON & BARTON LTD.

One of my attendees complained to me that his room was just too big. I nodded compassionately. I almost called the house staff and had them move every piece of spare furniture from the basement into his room. I chickened out at the last minute. — JOHN DONICA, THE DONICA GROUP INC.

One speaker wanted to know the color scheme of walls, furnishings, and draperies of the room where he was scheduled to speak so he could choose a tie that would't clash. — ANONYMOUS

We had one attendee who was convinced that a ghost was opening and shutting his curtains, so we switched him. We once had a group staying at the Hyatt Kauai, one of the most beautiful properties ever. His room was on an edge of a cliff with a wall of windows on two sides. He wanted to change his room to be closer to the lobby. Some people should just stay home and get maid service. — ANONYMOUS

I had one speaker ask me to get in line for lunch for her so she wouldn't have to wait when the crowd let out. — ANONYMOUS

Perhaps this is a testament to the faith my clients have in me: On more than one occasion, I have literally had clients ask to change the time of the sunset. Not stunned at all, we offered to make inquiries with NASA, as well as move the event further west within the time zone. Of course, when the group had its event in Pasadena, that would have put the group about six miles out in the Pacific. — ANONYMOUS