Your annual convention always gets the highest evaluations from attendees. But what about the weekly staff meeting you conduct? Is it as efficient or productive as you'd like it to be?

You'll find help in a new version of an old standard, Robert's Rules of Order. Created by Robert McConnell Productions, Robert's Rules of Order: Simplified and Applied (1999, Macmillan General Reference, $8.95) covers not just the intricacies of motion-making but also offers tips for managing the informal meetings that clog up a work week. The basics:

* Try to minimize the number of attendees.

* Include time, place, start and end times, and agenda in the call of the meeting.

* Answer this question: Do I really want the ideas of others or do I just want to tell them what to do? If you really want input, refrain from passing judgment on what is said and allow everyone to speak.

* Don't allow one person to dominate. Solicit opinions from those who are quiet.

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