Finally, an alternative for all those nongolfers who are sick of spas and the usual leisure activities — Qolf. What is qolf? It's best described as a cross between golf and croquet. The game, invented in South Africa, was brought to the U.S. in 2006 by Bonfit America, a company that sells and markets the game. This year, the Seaview Marriott Resort and Spa, Galloway, N.J., became the first venue in the U.S. to offer qolf to meeting guests by building two six hole qolf courses. Qolf features color-coded (orange, red and blue) frames that have an arch and a hole. The objective is to hit a specially designed, limited flight, qolf ball through each of the frame arches with a minimum amount of strokes. Players can earn bonus points by hitting the ball through the upper frame hole. It complements Seaview's 36 holes of championship golf. “Qolf is great for group meetings, team-building programs, and as an alternative for people who just don't want to venture out for 18 holes of championship golf,” said Tim Cahill, director of marketing at the Seaview. More than 1,000 guests got a chance to try the game out when the Seaview officially opened its qolf courses in June. For more, go to