1. Constant Reminder

    From its user conference Web site, mapping software company ESRI, Redlands, Calif., offers users the chance to download an ongoing reminder of its upcoming events in the form of a screensaver. The free applet features the images from the cover of the conference brochure moving into place; then the event details appear: ESRI International User Conference 2002, July 8-12, San Diego. The screen fades to black before a promo for the company's other, smaller conference pops up. See for yourself. Download the screensaver at www.esri.com/events/uc.

  2. Anticipate Roadblocks

    Another smart idea from the ESRI conference Web site: Since almost 20 percent of the 11,000 people expected at the meeting come from outside the United States, organizers placed the following announcement front and center. “Attention International Users: Be sure to request a visa early. If you require a letter of invitation, please e-mail….”

  3. Talking Heads

    Rational Software Corp., Cupertino, Calif., has a distinctly high-tech approach to its online conference marketing efforts. At the home page for its 2002 user conference, visitors can watch streaming video of past attendee testimonials. Visit www.rational.com/events/ruc/index2.jsp

  4. Make It Viral

    It's surprising how many conference Web sites forget the simplest of viral marketing techniques, so hats off to Information Builders Summit 2002 User Conference, which remembers. On the company's event site (www.informationbuilders.com/events/summit/index.html) is the all-important button: “E-mail this page to a friend.”

  5. Gem City Postcards

    The Dayton (Ohio) CVB has attendees doing some of its marketing. From the CVB Web site, www.daytoncvb.com, users can choose from nine photos of the city and its attractions to e-mail back home or the office with a message.