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Nov 04, 2004

Isn't flying already enough of a gamble?

I guess not, if Ryanair, Europe's biggest low-cost airline, has its way. The airline wants to add video-based gamblingto its repertoire of cash-....More
Nov 03, 2004

Meet on the cheap

Just ran across this link to 30 Tips for Keeping Meeting Expenses to a Minimum in Corbin Ball's TechTalk e-newsletter. For more tips on planning a....More
Nov 03, 2004

Happy days are here again (for hoteliers, that is)

According to USA Today, hoteliers are climbing back into the seller's seat as room rates soar: "Rooms have risen 12% in New York from a year ago to....More
Nov 02, 2004

Lighten up an evening function

Here's an idea for an outdoor poolside reception: battery-operated floating lamps. Well, it's an idea, anyway. To comment on this post, click on "....More
Nov 02, 2004

Will attendees TiVo your next e-meeting?

I just found out about ConferBlog, a new blog by Stephanie Downs of ConferZone, a very cool place for the latest in e-conferencing. And I ran across....More
Nov 02, 2004

The next meeting catchphrases--from kids

Forget "out of the box" and "walk the talk" (please forget them, please!). According to Anil Dash, the new phrases you might hear at meetings are....More
Nov 01, 2004

Hotel branding

Someone on the Experiential Forum listserv posted an interesting take on Westin's branding and selling just about everything in the place. She was....More
Oct 31, 2004

What, no reception desk?

According to an article from HOTEL Asia Pacific, the Le Meridien Cyberport in Hong Kong is doing some interesting things that "would have more....More
Oct 30, 2004

Why not just give it away?

What a novel concept--give away your conference's content on you Web site for free. That's what the Pop! Tech 2004 Conference did recently, and this....More
Oct 29, 2004

The latest political predictor

The Hospitality Research Group of PKF Consulting is getting into the presidential prognosticating game: Hotel occupancy rates, they say, can predict....More
Oct 29, 2004

Italy says Ciao to foreign tour guides

According to eTurbo news, "The European Commission has ordered Italy to allow tour guides from other countries to take groups around monuments and....More
Oct 29, 2004

Want to save a few million dollars?

Maritz McGettigan says it can help pharma companies save money on their meetings without losing any quality. Says a press release, "Six of the world’....More
Oct 29, 2004

Off topic

For today's Friday fun, an absolutely hilarious little video that mixes Halloween and politics: Vote Busters Cracked me up completely! Another good....More
Oct 28, 2004

Calling all golfers

The Meetings Group is looking for a few qualified corporate meeting planners who'd like to go a few round on an all-expense-paid golf tournament in (....More
Oct 28, 2004

What's your perfect world?

I just skipped through speaker and new face2face subscriber Scott Friedman's Web site, and this from one of his articles struck me: When asked “What....More
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