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Nov 11, 2004

Fast-forwarding to 2005

Fast Company magazine, which I continue to have a love-hate relationship with, recently published its list of 100 trends for '05. Unlike Rich at TSMR....More
Nov 11, 2004

Corporate retreat turns tragic

This is just awful. A young man attending a corporate retreat in Alberta was killed by a co-worker (click here for the full story). I don't know why....More
Nov 11, 2004

LA not so confidential

Unite Here strikes again--literally. Now Los Angeles joins San Francisco in labor woes as hotel workers decided to boycott nine LA hotels. So if you....More
Nov 11, 2004

PSA for today

Request from the CIC: The Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) Board of Directors of the Convention Industry Council (CIC) invites you to take part....More
Nov 11, 2004

Simply stunning--literally

I find the secrecy around the report that Homeland Security and TSA are now going to allow stun guns on flights to and from the U.S. a little....More
Nov 11, 2004

Off topic

This has nothing to do with meeting planning, but if you're as addicted to Google as I am, you might want to know that Microsoft has entered the....More
Nov 10, 2004

Int'l travel

I guess it depends on who you ask. Yesterday's post had results of a poll that said the G8 countries are pretty fed up with everything U.S. Then this....More
Nov 09, 2004

News from G8

According to this item on a poll by independent market research firm GMI, Inc., people from the G8 countries aren't so hot on the idea of coming to....More
Nov 09, 2004

Another reason to really dislike airport security

Remember when you could send away for X-ray glasses in the back of comic books? Looks like London's Heathrow Airport bought a whole bunch of them: An....More
Nov 09, 2004

People are strange, and this site is stranger

Someone on the MIMlist listserve posted a link to this site, which hosts a collection of strange but true things. So many items to choose from, but a....More
Nov 09, 2004

Birds of (unusual) feathers flocking together

This article is from 1997 and may not be totally correct, but its commentary about some of the more unusual associations cracked me up: "Pickle....More
Nov 08, 2004

I've been all around this world

This is sort of off topic, but I was just playing around on this site where you can customize a map of the world (or portions thereof) to show where....More
Nov 08, 2004

Which is worse...

...trying to do something fun and interactive and having it fall flat, or not trying at all and sticking with the boring old PowerPoint talking-head....More
Nov 08, 2004

The big stars of 2005 hotels and restaurants

Mobil Travel Guide has released its latest list of four- and five-star hotels and restaurants. Enjoy! To comment on this post, click on "comments"....More
Nov 08, 2004

Having a beer blast?

If your attendees like beer, if you have a beer tasting (instead of a wine tasting), or if you just are interested in malted beverages, there's a....More
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