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Aug 13, 2004

Do you feel safer than you did four years ago?

This guy doesn't. Regardless of your political affiliation, what could the government do to make you feel safer when you travel? This isn't an idle....More
Aug 12, 2004

Vegas not worried about terrorists

Terrorists may be casing the casinos, but Las Vegas officials say not to worry. Though terrorist videos found in cells in Detroit and Spain include....More
Aug 12, 2004

Speaking of speakers

Next time you are left hanging with a no-show speaker, go to the National Speakers Association’s handy little geographic index, where you can search....More
Aug 12, 2004

Meetings as mind control?

I have always thought of meetings—particularly well-facilitated events—as being highly educational. But writer Suzanne Stallings has a more paranoid....More
Aug 11, 2004

Convention hotels

The Baltimore Sun asks some pretty good questions about the issue of publicly funded convention hotels. Citing the success of Austin, Texas’ eight-....More
Aug 11, 2004

Fighting Over the Furniture

From guest blogger and regular magazine contributor Kay Carstens: The moving van is loaded and taking at least twenty-five percent of San Francisco’s....More
Aug 11, 2004

Worst case scenario

Just imagine having a nice tour boat cruise, your group mixing and mingling nicely, conversation flowing—and getting doused with human sewage from a....More
Aug 10, 2004

Olympic-sized gall

If you or someone you know is taking an incentive or other group to this year’s Olympic games in Athens, be sure to warn attendees that that they can....More
Aug 10, 2004

Trade show challenge

Yesterday, I asked a question: If you could reinvent trade shows, what would they look like? Today, TSMI's Rich Westerfield posted some great ideas....More
Aug 10, 2004

What if you had a blank slate?

Can you imagine being able to recreate the meetings industry? Just a blank slate and your ideas--no history, no balky stuck-in-the-1950s board....More
Aug 10, 2004

How long is your line?

I just heard from a friend about a nifty new Web site launched by TSA where you can look up your airport and departure time to get estimated wait....More
Aug 10, 2004

Help wanted

No, this isn't about jobs (though we do have some job listings and a Career Toolkit on our site). No, today I'm asking for help from any medical....More
Aug 09, 2004

A fair trade?

According to Decent Marketing, a story I missed in last week's New York Times was a doozy for the trade show biz. The NYT writer characterized your....More
Aug 09, 2004

A cheaper way to promote your event

Interesting post on the TSMI blog about how one communications company is using a blog to promote its event. I agree with Rich Westerfield that it's....More
Aug 09, 2004

Spreading the news

I love it that this article from the Columbian in Clark County, Wash., has picked up on the latest news about the economic power of meetings: "This $....More
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