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Sep 17, 2004

Looking for local info?

News from searchenginewatch.com: Ask Jeeves is adding CitySearch local and business data to its database, which should make it easier to use the site....More
Sep 17, 2004

Getting creative about flying

Creativity can be used for almost anything. Here are how some are using theirs when it comes to the airlines: The bad--OK, this is scary: a PDF of....More
Sep 17, 2004

Does your cruise ship measure up?

Here’s a handy thing to have: Cruise ship inspection scores. These are score(s) for ships inspected between: 09/01/04 – 07/01/04,compiled from CDC....More
Sep 16, 2004

Your next speaker is…a flower?

Yup, the folks at Music Bird Corp. have invented a gizmo that turns flowers into stereo systems. According to Gizmodo: "the ‘Canon,’ a series of....More
Sep 16, 2004

PDAs still aren’t cutting it as show tools

According to an article on BizBash.com, attendees aren’t, for the most part, flocking to new PDA show applications, as was once thought would have....More
Sep 16, 2004

For something really far out...

Are your attendees a little jaded, you know, the "been-there/done that" types? Or are they just a little spacey? This might be just the thing to jazz....More
Sep 16, 2004

Back-to-back hurricanes may dampen meeting organizer enthusiasm for Florida

Yeah, hotel rates may be cheaper during hurricane season, but you take a risk that you’ll pay the price if the odds are against you and a Charley or....More
Sep 15, 2004

Another industry blog!

I am so excited to be able to announce that Tech3Partners, the new technology consultancy group formed earlier this summer by Jeff Rasco, Corbin Ball....More
Sep 15, 2004

Hospitality updates du jour

Here's an update from Marriott concerning hurricane-related hotel closures. In other news: Contract Negotiations Continue Between 14 Washington DC....More
Sep 15, 2004

Strange hotel ideas

This item appears to be several years old, but what a great (I'm assuming tongue-in-cheek) collection of strange hotel ideas. The way he writes it,....More
Sep 14, 2004

Joke of the day

Gotta love those listservs--this one’s for anyone who’s involved in the MIMlist or other industry listservs: QUESTION: How many subscribers to an e-....More
Sep 14, 2004

Call in the feds

OK, so it’s not a crime to be confused by all the federal government regulations about government meeting attendees accepting payments for travel....More
Sep 14, 2004

Food for thought

Not that you ever have time to sit down and eat that fabulous gourmet dinner you planned for your attendees, but this is a great sitefrom Epicurious....More
Sep 13, 2004

Don't dis the Buddha

One would think one wouldn't have to mention this, but from this article, I guess one does: When in a Buddhist country, don't dishonor the Buddha....More
Sep 13, 2004

Maybe it's not such a SNAP?

Last week, I mentioned that the Society of National Association Publications 2004 EXCEL Awards might be a good place to go for inspiration when you'....More
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