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Manager of Meetings and Conventions
DePuy/Johnson & Johnson Sales and Logistics

PAST Reger has more than 16 years of experience as a planner in the corporate, nonprofit, and third-party arenas. She was an early adopter of SMM, developing the program at her former company, Pfizer Consumer Healthcare, which was purchased in 2006 by Johnson & Johnson.

HIGHLIGHTS One of the highlights of Reger’s career was an event—but not just any event: a product launch that combined education, creativity, and amusement park–style special effects in a hotel ballroom. “It was such a success because we carefully listened to the goals of all stakeholders and found a way to incorporate their needs in some way. And I was able to rely on a group of trusted vendors who allowed me to find experts in the right fields to create this unexpected experience in an unexpected place!”

LOOKING AHEAD Reger has served on Meeting Professionals International’s board of directors, as well as done public speaking and teaching. She plans to continue in volunteer industry leadership and is also considering a masters degree in hospitality.

“My goal is to continue to provide value in this ever-changing business environment.”

MENTORS “I have had a number of mentors and have learned so many things from all of them. Right now I have a close group of industry peers who serve as my ‘mentoring team.’ They are invaluable to my success and my sanity, and I’m grateful to have them—and I try to take the time to give them the same. The more that we can encourage each other, the more effective our industry will be.”

“Understand your business, your role within your business, and how best to make a positive impact. Your role and your impact will change over time—embrace the change and look for the opportunities to evolve your contribution.”—Barbara Scofidio