ADP Treat your employees well, and they'll treat customers well, and those customers will turn loyal and refer additional customers: It's a simple concept that ADP Investor Communication Services has taken to heart — and to the bank.

By offering an evolving package of employee incentives and rewards, Deer Park, N.Y.-based ADP ICS (, a division of Automatic Data Processing that provides products including annual reports, has managed to sustain a growth rate of about 30 percent a year since 1995. An independent panel recently recognized the company's efforts with two Arthur Andersen global best practices awards.

Corporate incentives take the form of money; lifestyle enhancements such as subsidized gym membership; career development including a program called Top Gun that takes promising staffers and trains them in systems programming; and recognition. “We believe you have to do this on a sustained basis,” says Bob Kalinka, senior vice president. If you push people for a short time, you'll get results. But if you don't recognize them and treat them fairly, those results will fall.”