Art to Write On

Colin Schleeh worked as a boat builder, set designer, custom furniture designer/builder, sculptor, and jewelry designer, and taught fine arts for 10 years, before opening Schleeh Design in 2001. Today, he does commissions for Hermes of Paris, Bulgari, and Shreve Crump and Low, as well as these arty desk accessories for the corporate gift market.

Not-So-Basic Black

Tyrone Crystal's Eclipse Squares Black collection makes a definitive statement at the dinner table. Breaks the mold. Starts a new tradition. The glasses are handmade in Ireland, and available styles include water goblets, wine glasses, and champagne flutes.
From $143 for a pair of tumblers to $179 for a pair of flutes.

MP3 Rainbow

Who needs a Nano? Find your Zen instead. The Creative Labs Zen V Plus is tiny, colorful, and sharp. Holds up to 2,000 songs, and even can be used to watch videos!
$299 for the 40GB model.

Sleek Sound Machine

Wake up to music stored on your iPod with this sleek JBL Sound System/Time Machine. The acoustics create a rich, full sound, and the LCD display is gently backlit. But what stands out is the halo-like design, sure to make a statement in any room. (iPod not included.)
$161 |

Carbon and Cool

Tumi has always been a sought-after name when it comes to luggage — and with the introduction of its carbon fiber pen, it's now a leader in that arena. This high-tech writing instrument comes with a stylus tip for use on PDA screens.
$150 |

Out With Speakers, in With Podz

The transformation of stereo speakers into high-design “pods” is complete. Brookstone's “Podz” are wireless and rechargeable, and fit just about anywhere.
$200/pair |

Back Up in Style

Who thought you could back up your documents in such style? Judith Lieber's glittering flash drive has 1 GB of memory set in a sparkling crystal case.
$448 |

A New Slant on Glassware

Nambe has always been at the forefront when it comes to innovative design (some items are housed in the Museum of Modern Art Permanent Collection, New York) and materials (its signature metal never tarnishes). The Tilt decanter set is full-lead crystal and comes with two cleverly tilted old-fashion glasses.
From $195. |

Telephone or Sculpture?

Bang & Olufsen has changed the definition of a telephone forever with its 2.4 GHz cordless phone. Features include caller ID, redial, 200-name phonebook, and a volume control function that controls the sound of Bang & Olufsen televisions and music systems.
$71 |

Design for All

By recruiting world-famous designers and offering their products at affordable prices, Target has made style accessible to everyone. The Target gift card has no expiration dates and no fees, and is available in any amount up to $2,000.