President, Hall-Erickson; managing director, the Motivation Show(IT&ME), Chicago

  1. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be?
    11,000 feet, Electric Peak, Yellowstone Park, Montana (no cell service)

  2. What's playing on your iPod?
    Beatles — Rubber Soul ('65), Revolver ('66), The White Album ('68) — still the best

  3. It's time for a second career; what do you choose?
    I'd like to work in development for start-up nonprofits that have THE answer — but not the funds.

  4. What's the best book you read in the past year?
    The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America. RFK was more a teacher than a politician. He challenged Americans in the '60s to be better individuals and to actively change the world around them, rather than expecting government to do it for them.

  5. What's your hidden talent?
    Hmmmm … still hiding.

  6. Who inspires you?
    Two of my heros are Bono and Jimmy Carter. Both men have used their celebrity to bring attention to causes that they are passionate about.

  7. What is your favorite cause/charity?
    My favorite local organization is called Inspiration Corporation. They serve thousands of homeless men, women, and children here in Chicago. My favorite international organization is called Touching Tiny Lives. They provide clinical care and support to hundreds of children affected by the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Lesotho, Africa.

  8. What do you do to stay healthy?
    I run several times a week. I started five years ago and plan to complete my first marathon in October.

  9. How do you strike a balance between work and your personal life?
    Family time. When I leave the office, I leave work. We have five kids, so there are plenty of distractions once I get home.