With all the press lately about the virtues of chocolate, what better time to try a chocolate tasting? Few people realize that chocolate has more than 100 flavor components — twice as many as wine, says Suzanne Oakley, founder of Boston-based Experience: CHOCOLATE. During a formal tasting, guests learn to distinguish the fruity, nutty, buttery, and spicy hues in each selection.

Experience: CHOCOLATE also offers chocolate scavenger hunts and chocolate and wine pairing events. The Boston legal firm of Goulston & Storrs held a scavenger hunt in which guests had to find answers to questions on the history of chocolate while sampling chocolate at three tasting stations. Patient Keeper, a Newton, Mass.-based software company, chose a wine-and-chocolate tasting to reward employees after the release of its latest product.

Experience: CHOCOLATE creates events for groups of 120 and larger. www.experiencechocolate.com