Although incentive groups visiting New York want to experience the sights the city is known for — Rocke-feller Plaza, Broadway, the Empire State Building — most native New Yorkers visit those places only when relatives come to town.

Briggs Inc., a N.Y. — based destination management company, offers two exclusive tours that let groups see how New Yorkers really live. In the “NYPD Blues” tour, guests are transported by motorcoach to either the Bronx or Harlem, where they tour a precinct house and learn the ins and outs of being a New York police officer. On the Bronx tour, they have lunch at an authentic Italian trattoria, while the lunch fare in Harlem is soul food at a local café.

Another tour, known as “Neighborhood Nosh,” explores New York's ethnic neighborhoods, stopping for a snack in each one: knishes on Orchard Street, dim sum in Chinatown, cannoli in Little Italy. The ideal group size is 20 people. For more, visit