There's something about TV that brings people together. So, for the semiannual conference at MAC Meetings and Events, St. Louis, the company wove in a television theme, beginning with the agenda in the format of a TV Guide.

The four-day meeting aimed to educate employees on “The Facts of Life” — that customer relationships are built by everyone at the company. MAC decorated the ballroom with a 1950s-style television, complete with rabbit-ear antennae. Seated on a sofa at the front of the room was a 7-foot couch potato with his hand in a chip bag. Attendees grabbed TV trays, and the staff at the meeting venue, Sheraton City Center in St. Louis, provided TV dinners.

Workshops had TV-show names like “Who's the Boss?” (relating to customers) and “Extreme Make Over” (corporate etiquette). The MAC staff gave occasional “commercials,” and the opening night cocktail reception included a MAC Emmy Show.

“The TV theme, video, and team-building activities were just plain fun. It makes me look forward to the December meeting,” said Kimberly Reuter, an employee at MAC.