1. What was your first job?

    Community director at the March of Dimes. I loved it because I was coordinating events as well as raising money for a good organization to help support the fight against birth defects and infant mortality.

  2. What was your most recent brush with fame?

    Meeting John Elway at a celebrity golf tournament. I have been a Denver Broncos fan since 1986.

  3. Who inspires you?

    People who work hard for an end result and actually achieve it.

  4. What high-school fad did you follow?

    I honestly can't recall one fad in high school that I followed.

  5. If you could ask anybody anything, what question would you have and who would you ask?

    I would ask God why he allows terrible tragedies to happen to good people.

Sue Krawitz, CMP, is events manager at Politzer & Haney, a financial software company in Newton, Mass. Previously, she was events coordinator for IDe in Concord, Mass. In addition, Sue has several years of nonprofit event-planning experience. She is an active member of the MPI New England Chapter.