1. If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be? I would be with my husband at a fantastic, warm beach resort taking in all the amenities — spa, pools, beaches, golf, tennis, restaurants, shops, etc.

  2. You can eat in only one restaurant for the rest of your life. What is it? A seafood and pasta restaurant. I love seafood because I grew up eating lots of it along the coast of South Carolina. And I love pasta, all kinds, flavors, and variations. Of course, since this is a fantasy, calories wouldn't count.

  3. Do you doodle in the margins? I doodle all the time in geometric shapes. I can't draw anything that resembles a real object.

  4. What fad in high school did you find yourself going along with? Miniskirts. I had great skinny legs in high school.

  5. If you could ask anybody anything, what would you ask, and of whom? I would love to converse with lots of people, such as Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin, but I could never stick to one question. As for someone today, I would love to talk with inventor Dean Kamen (the creator of Segway) and ask him, “What's next?” He's a genius at capturing ideas and turning them into useful products.

Patricia Dameron is vice president of member growth and care for Meeting Professionals International, a recently created position. She oversees MPI's member services and chapter relations teams, spearheads member retention efforts, and ensures member-centric programs throughout MPI.