1. Where haven't you been that you're anxious to visit? Bali, South Africa, the Middle East are just a few. I'd love to learn about the cultures, history, food — and most importantly, the people.

  2. You've just discovered you have a superpower. What is it, and how do you use it? The power of persuasion. I'd persuade U.N. members to eliminate all barriers to trade and achieve a meaningful world peace. Then we could take groups anywhere, the economy would improve, SITE membership would skyrocket, and perhaps I could take a day off each week to golf.

  3. You're at a meeting and they just announced the speaker — it's your dream speaker. Who is it? Leonardo da Vinci speaking in English. He had one of the world's greatest minds, and it would be wonderful to hear him share his ideas about life and how he enjoyed it. Or George Carlin. Is he as creatively weird as he seems?

  4. What was the first movie you went to? My grandmother took me to see a World War II movie starring Lassie. It was a patriotic movie, and I felt so proud to be an American — and I wanted a collie.

  5. Tell me, is the glass half-full or half-empty? And what's in the glass? Definitely half-full, what a silly question! It is half-full of opportunity, the most powerful potion the world has ever seen.

William Vastine, PhD, is president of The Society of Incentive and Travel Executives. He is also executive vice president of Galactic Marketing Incentives, Arlington, Texas.