Behind every page of this magazine — every perfectly placed comma, catchy headline, and clever design — is a team of talented editors and artists. I thought I'd take this opportunity to introduce these folks to you, since many have joined us in just the past few months.

At the center of it all — our scheduler, troubleshooter, writer, editor, and traffic cop — is Managing Editor Tom Tennant. Not only is he a great guy, but he happens to be one of the most professional managing editors I've ever worked with. Tom joined us six months ago from Adams Business Media in Cleveland.

Just a couple of issues ago, Senior Editor Bill Gillette also joined our team. You probably recognize the name — Bill has been a regular freelancer for us for years. Before that, he spent 12 years covering the hospitality industry for Hotel & Motel Management magazine.

The “old-timers” in the group (aside from me!) are Kristen Payson, our production editor, and Vicki Stiefel, our special sections editor. Kristen does an excellent job copyediting articles for style and grammar, proofreading pages, and getting everything to fit just so, while Vicki is the force behind our many special sections, from Hawaii to Tahiti.

Last but far from least is our design team: Design Director Kimberly Aaronson and our two new associate art directors, Sharon Carlson and Doreen Abraham. Sharon comes to us from Compliance Engineering magazine and Doreen from Yankee magazine. Their creativity and talent are evident on every page.

Looking good, guys!

Enjoy the issue.