Centerpiece (noun) 1.) an object occupying a central position; especially: an adornment in the center of a table.

No Stink

Make sure the candles and flowers you choose for a centerpiece don't compromise the ambience or the dining experience with overwhelming scent.

Killing Two Birds

A company called Wanderfuls makes table arrangements out of candy-filled wands that serve as a centerpiece during the meal and can be handed out as favors at the conclusion of the party.

Hanging Out

If the venue you're in has suitable rigging points, think about suspending the centerpieces from the ceiling for dramatic impact.

Lighten Up

Acolyte Technologies sells a small, disposable, wireless light source, called Floralyte, that can be submerged in water, adding drama and color to a floral arrangement.

Everyone Wants One

If the situation is appropriate, consider raffling or auctioning off the centerpieces; this will allow you to spend a little more and then recoup at least half your money.

Garden Variety

Potted plants are less expensive than cut flower arrangements, and you can give them away at the end of the event. (Put a sticker on the bottom of one saucer at each table. Announce during the meal that the attendee who has the sticker gets the centerpiece.)

Mock Me

A lot can be lost in verbal interpretation. Ask the florist or designer to prepare a mock centerpiece for you. If you can have the complete table setting done (linens, chairs, stemware, china, etc.), even better!

Brainstorming 101

Illuminated spandex, dry ice, sod? While floral arrangements are still planners' top pick, nothing is taboo, and there's only one steadfast rule: Make sure attendees can see one another across the table.

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