From management to the mailroom, Club Med helps bring everyone together. Want to improve teamwork, communication, and company morale? Get away from the water cooler and spend more time enjoying gourmet cuisine, top-shelf cocktails, and some of the most aspiring views on Earth. With Club Med Total All-Inclusive Vacations, everyone will enjoy.

Fast Facts

  • Where We Are Club Med Villages are located in the U.S., Bahamas, Caribbean, Mexico, Bora Bora, and Brazil and are set amid an average of 50 acres of natural beauty and quiet serenity. Whichever Club Med Village you choose, rest assured there's no place on Earth quite like it.

  • Where to Stay Within our charming rooms and suites lies every amenity imaginable. Refreshing air conditioning, satellite or cable TV, telephone, hair dryer, CD alarm clock, and of course, Club Med care products. Add a personal safe and laundry service, and it will feel like home. Only better.

  • Where to Play on-site — At Club Med, you'll find a 24-hour calendar of events, activities, and entertainment options sure to keep you busy from sunrise to sunset. There are sports taught by expert instructors and games arranged by energetic organizers. In fact, there's only one similarity between weekdays back home and every day here. You're sure to end up at happy hour when the day is through.

  • Where to Eat Within our restaurants are inviting gourmet feasts filled with dishes that originate from all over the world. Reserved seating/tables are available to keep your group together at our dining establishments, and if your group is large enough, there's a chance you can have the whole place to yourselves. Just give us a call and we'll analyze your group size and restaurant availability on a case-by-case basis.

  • Where to Meet Flip charts. Overhead projectors. Display screens. Audio systems. And ample space to make use of all of the above. Every group has free access to one conference room each day of their stay at Club Med, and additional rooms can be made readily available as well.

  • What's Available for Groups Teaming Program: This collection of innovative activities is specially designed to bring together everyone in your group. Through sandcastle and raft building, organized competitions and individual challenges, you'll boost teamwork, company morale, and overall cohesion among your staff. Plus, it's all a lot of fun. • Rent-a-Village: Only at Club Med can you rent an entire village (property) exclusively for your group. Club Med can accommodate from 300 to 1,200 guests … for a few days or a few weeks. The village belongs to you as long as you wish. • Incentive Travel Certificates: What better way to motivate individuals, departments, or your entire company than with the gift of Club Med? These certificates can be purchased directly from Club Med and customized with your corporate logo.

Club Med