During the past 12 to 24 months, some ten percent of companies have experienced the theft of sensitive corporate information from their employees traveling on business, says a new survey by Air Travel Card of 200 corporate travel decision-makers.

The most common incidents reported were theft of computer data from laptops or disks (39 percent), theft of files or other paper documents from briefcases (28 percent), and theft of information via cellular phone or fax interception (18 percent).

Some 71 percent of respondents said that their companies educate business travelers about safety on the road to prevent such theft. Among the policies in place at companies are: * travelers must keep work-related materials with them at all times (35 percent)

* sensitive information cannot be transported (19 percent)

* cellular phones must be outfitted with scrambling and security devices (15 percent)

* encryption software must be used when computer files are being carried by business travelers.