DOMINO'S The company that virtually invented pizza delivery is once again leading the way in connecting its far-flung network. A new intranet application will allow the $3.2 billion Domino's, headquartered in Ann Arbor, Mich., to deliver online meetings, presentations, and training to 120,000 employees and franchisees.

Domino's has been known for its trendsetting culture since founder Tom Monaghan borrowed $500 to open the first store in 1960. Today, the company's employee-friendly headquarters complex includes a full-size fitness center, a hair salon, and a post office, as well as a farm that is home to bison, llamas, peacocks, and more.

Four years in the making, Intranet Domino's Online is "a portal for whatever our employees need, a single point of entry for information and collaboration," says Brian Liepold, director of Intranet development. "We can collect and disseminate information, conduct online training, and hold virtual meetings in real time."

But perhaps its biggest impact is as a tool for company unity. "We've discovered a softer ROI in our ability to connect everybody in the company to a huge brain trust," says Liepold.