Corporate Meetings & Incentives' Web site, Meetingsnet (, recently surveyed convention and visitors bureaus around the country with a single question: How's business? Here's what they had to say:

Dave Keamy, vice president of sales, Greater Boston CVB: “Corporate meetings have taken a big step back. They're the ones who have had the most layoffs and canceled the most meetings.”

Mark Theis, vice president, San Francisco CVB: “I think everyone unplugged their phones the weeks after September 11. Now the phones are starting to ring again, and we're starting to see more smaller, in-house hotel meetings sign on the dotted line.”

Deborah Sexton, executive vice president, Chicago CVB: “In my opinion, a lot of the corporate meetings that were canceled shouldn't have been booked to start with. Others were canceled because they needed to regroup, to set up a new strategy.”

Bill Peeper, president and CEO, Orlando CVB: “I believe the impact is going to continue through this year, and probably spill over to next year. I hope I'm wrong, because some years 50 percent of meetings in this city comes from corporate America.”

Tom Muldoon, president, Philadelphia CVB: “One definite change that we've seen recently is a move toward holding meetings closer to corporate headquarters.”

Peter Hedlund, vice president of sales, Minneapolis CVB: “High-tech is hurting most in terms of business travel.

Bill Howard, vice president of marketing, tourism, and communications, Atlanta CVB: “We've seen a considerable increase in technology and technology-related meetings.”