Organizing a Tournament? Get Help

“Many meeting organizers are in the blind when it comes to orchestrating a golf tournament,” says Parker Smith (, a golf authority who has orchestrated more than 60 group golf events over the past 30 years and served as editor of Golf magazine. He advises getting help beyond the resort's golf pro, who is likely to be working with a dozen other groups at the same time he's working on yours. “This is about more than helping you to get tee times,” explains Smith. “It's about a service that helps you to have a successful event.”

The challenge is that just a handful of companies provide meeting planners with specific help on orchestrating golf tournaments. Smith recommends Gogolftravel (, whose new thrust is assisting meeting execs. If you are taking a group overseas, he recommends contacting Perry Golf (

Also, make sure to go to a resort that is structured for group golf events, advises Smith. Among his top hotel company picks are Marriott and Sol Melio. Some individual resorts, like Calloway Gardens in Ga., also “completely understand what group golf is all about.”