An Insider's "Best of Broadway" Finding an insider's activity for attendees can be tough. But the Millennium Broadway has a little gem that fits the bill: "A Cognoscente's Tour of Times Square," a guided walking tour of the Theatre District led by the hotel's general manager, Michael Littler.

Littler is a natural for this role--he is author of A Highly Personalized Guide to the Immediate Neighborhood, a self-described cheerleader for Times Square and the Theatre District, and a booster for the arts. Littler will customize tours to focus on theater history, famous landmarks, architecture, or dining. Tours launch from the historic Hudson Theatre, now part of the hotel's Millennium Conference Center. Rates start at $150 per hour for groups of up to 10 people, and vary based on the length and type of tour.

Besides offering a bit of the Bohemian, the tours do some civic good--proceeds support the city's Theatre Development Fund, a nonprofit arts service organization that funds dozens of new productions on and off Broadway.