Product:MeetingPro for Windows

Product type: general meeting management relational database

Company: Peopleware

Software base: FoxPro

Minimum system requirements:Windows 3.1; 486-33MHz processor; 16MB RAM; 25-30MB disk space

Price:$1,695 (Junior version; 750 record limit); $3,995 (Standard version, unlimited records)

Additional users:Two users add $900; three users add $1,800; four users add $2,300; five users add $2,800; site license for up to 25 users is $15,000. Prices include all modules, tech support, and training.

Contact: Jeff Goldwater

Telephone:(800) 869-7166, ext. 521; (206) 454-6444

Address: 1621 114th Avenue Southeast, Suite 120, Bellevue, WA 98004



Product: Meetingtrak/WIN

Product type: general meeting management relational database

Company:Phoenix Solutions, Inc.

Software base: Microsoft Access

Minimum system requirements: Windows 3.1; 486 processor; 8MB RAM; 40MB disk space; 28.8 kbps modem; Microsoft Access

Price: $2,995 (single user); $3,995 two users); $495 each additional workstation

Contact: Bob Walters

Telephone:(800) 779-7430; (510) 739-5121

Address:39560 Stevenson Place, Suite 112, Fremont, CA 94539



Product:Optimum Settings, Scheduler Plus, TLC badge/tent/card printer

Producttype: CAD (computer-aided design) room layout, plus scheduler, badge printer, event-planning modules

Company:CEO Software, Inc.

Software base: self-developed, client-server system

Minimum system requirements:IBM-compatible PC; processor, RAM, and hard-drive requirements depend on number of modules

Price: $2,250 per module; $6,500 for all

Contact: John Kitchen

Telephone: (800) 441-2581; (520) 296-7577

Address: 2231 Indian Ruins Road, Suite 5, Tucson, AZ 85715


Product: MeetingPOWER

Producttype: meeting registration and document printing

Company: pc/nametag

Software base: flat file database; self-developed

Minimum system requirements: DOS; 486-40MHz processor; 8MB RAM; 8 to 15MB disk space

Price:$299 (single user); $535 (up to three workstations); includes training video

Contact: Laura Dewey

Telephone:(608) 231-6100

Address: 4200 University Avenue, Suite 2000, Madison, WI 53705


Product:Catermate Room Planner

Producttype: room setup

Company: Inventory Dynamics, Inc.

Software base: C++

Minimum system requirements:486 processor; 8MB RAM; 3MB disk space

Price:$995 (single user); $1,995 (mul-tiple users).

Contact: Ron Provus, Geoff Tyson

Telephone: (800) 486-2283; (317) 876-0242

Address:1844 Century Way, Suite 2000, Indianapolis IN 46260


Product: Cost-It!

Product Type:meeting costing and planning

Company:Travplan Technologies

Software base:VB FoxPro

Minimum system requirements:Windows 3.1, 95, or NT; 486 processor; 16MB RAM; 5MB disk space

Price: $1,395 single user, discounts for multiple users

Contact: Phil Duyff

Telephone:(800) 237-5469

Address: 1066 Executive Parkway, Suite 110, St. Louis, MO 63141

Web site:, Web demo available

Product: Great Meetings 1.0

Product Type:insurance industry-specific meeting registration relational database, designed for a LAN environment

Company:JCML Group

Software base:Visual Basic and Microsoft Access

Minimum system requirements:Windows 3.1; 486-33 processor; 8MB RAM; 10MB disk space

Price:Fee structure is based on the size a company's meetings: for up to 200 attendees per meeting, $4,850; for up to 750 attendees, $8,500. Price allows for up to ten company users and includes installation, file conversion, and training.

Contact: Manny Lopes or Joe Casimiro

Telephone: (401) 726-2883

Address:34 Crest Avenue, Lincoln, RI 02865-3007

Product:Planner2000 (January 1998)

Product Type:automated request for proposal (RFP) system

Company:Phoenix Solutions

Software base:Microsoft Access. Visual Basic, Microsoft Office 97

Minimum system requirements:Windows 95; Microsoft Office 97; 486-33 processor; 16 MB RAM; 15 MB disk space; 28.8 kbps modem, Microsoft Access

Price: $495

Contact: Bob Walters

Telephone: (510) 739-5121

Address:39560 Stevenson Place, Suite 112, Fremont, CA 94539


Web site:

Product: Ajenis

Product Type: management of meeting specs (with housing and registration management planned for future releases)

Company:PlanSoft Ajenis Ltd Partnership

Software base:Visual Basic, Microsoft Access,SQL Server

Minimum system requirements: Windows 95 or NT with 16MB RAM, Pentium-based or better computer, 300MB of hard drive space available for databases, SVGA video card with at least 1MB RAM; recommended: 28.8 kbps modem, Internet access

Price: $499

Contact: Ed Tromczynski

Telephone: (216) 405-5555

Address:9177 Dutton Drive, Suite 5, Twinsburg, OH 44087


Web site:

Product:CORE Discovery

Product Type: meeting management and expense tracking

Company:McGettigan Partners

Software base: Visual Basic 5.0

Minimum system requirements: Windows 95 or NT (browser-based version works with Mac), 16MB RAM, 50MB hard drive space

Price: variable

Contact: Mark Jordan

Telephone: (215) 422-1000

Address: 100Penn Square East, Philadelphia, PA 19107


Web site: