Picture this: You decide to do your usual Sunday grocery shopping, and what do you find but a farmers' market set up in front of the store and a dog wash (not a car wash) in the parking lot. Welcome to Whole Foods Market Inc., the Austin, Texas-based natural foods grocery chain

Whole Foods has created a culture that encourages teamwork and rewards results. "We foster self-responsibility," says Vice President of Human Resources Jody Hatch. "And we reward team members for productivity."

Employees enjoy cash incentives, along with recognition programs for outstanding performance. "Once a year, we have a 'Tribal Gathering' of all team leaders from our 87 stores to celebrate our achievements," says Hatch. "At this meeting, Whole Foods Market All-Stars--the best national team leaders--are congratulated by the president, the CEO, and the board of directors. It's a big deal to be an All-Star, and people are very motivated by this recognition."