Everyone holds meetings, even meeting planners. Are yours as effective as they can be? Circle the answer (A or B) that describes your last meeting:

The Time

A. Meetings are held at the convenience of the chairman.

B. Meetings are early in the day, when participants are alert.

The Purpose

A. Some or most participants are expected to guess why they were asked to attend. The answer may or may not be clear by the end of the session.

B. All participants are informed of their roles in the meeting; there are no surprises regarding why they are there.

Hope you answered “B”! If not, time for re-evaluation.

This quiz is provided by independent planner Sue Tinnish of SEAL Inc., Arlington Heights, Ill., and is adapted from “Meetings: How Do Yours Rate?” in Industry Week, April 1987. The full quiz is available from Tinnish by e-mail at stinnish@ameritech.net.