We were hosting a large national recognition/awards program at a prominent Florida resort. Since a great majority of the participants were keen golfers, we had planned a two-day golf event.

The first day came--and so did the rain. So instead of a half-day business meeting, it was extended into the afternoon, followed by card and board games and a storytelling session where we all shared our most interesting or funniest golf experiences. We broke into several small groups, each of which selected the best story from among its participants for a final session, where the entire group voted for first-, second-, and third-place stories.

Day 2--Rain! What to do? We organized our golf staff into several breakout sessions of approximately 45 minutes each: the mental side of golf; golf rules and etiquette; swing lessons (where participants hit plastic balls from mats); short game (where they did live chipping from mats); and putting (right on the carpet).

Day 3--More rain! We had to play, somehow, so we organized an indoor golf competition. The first session consisted of individual competition on a putting course on a large carpeted area, chipping into small mats and baskets, as well as a driving contest in the ballroom with mats and plastic balls (with the judging based on accuracy and distance). In the second session, we organized the group into teams based on individuals' performance and did it all over again.