Citywide scavenger hunts, staples in the arsenal of creative team-building events, have been updated for the wireless generation. The Go Game ( creates urban adventures in which teams compete to carry out a series of funny and improbable “missions” (transform a total stranger, camouflage a large lampshade), delivering information to the teams via Web-enabled cell phone.

The missions are augmented by clues and props planted by the Go Game organizers and by Go Game actors, who pop up during the event. Participants document their missions with digital cameras, short videos, or text input, and are judged on their creativity. A record of the event is housed on a password-protected Web site. For groups that want to buy the full package, attendees can leave with a CD of the game in hand. The Go Game has pre-designed courses in 10 U.S. cities, and can create events elsewhere. Missions can be customized to include meeting themes and company factoids.