Try This

Have some fun saying thank you. Dole out fake money in various denominations to people who do something above and beyond at work. You can find the loot at any party store, says Hope Levy Kott, project director at IQ Solutions, Rockville, Md. She let folks use their stash to “purchase” various incentives — anything from prizes to extra days off.

Need a Read?

Marlys K. Arnold bills herself as an image specialist, but she also spent years as an exhibitor and show manager. The premise of her new book, Build a Better Trade Show Image (2002, Tiffany Harbor Productions) is that never before has branding an image been such an important part of trade show exhibiting. She's right. The book addresses strategy and logistics, breaking out potential budgets for everything from celebrities to giveaways, and answering important questions, such as how to research shows that make the best sense for your business.

New Sensation

Many planners are taking a second look at South America since September 11, and as far as incentive destinations go, think of the Galapagos as being one of the more interesting areas to go in that part of the world. The Royal Palm Resort on the island of Santa Cruz, Ecuador, is an 18-room eco-lodge that is operated by a company that knows the incentive business: Millennium Hotels and Resorts.

Until now, amenities such as satellite TV, Internet access, and DVD and CD players just weren't available in this type of setting. Yet this resort has them all, plus it was built taking great care of its surroundings: The developers used local materials and craftsmen, and the property relies on composting, organic gardening, and water conservation.

This could be the best of both worlds.


Kosher Sites

Need to plan a kosher menu for an upcoming event and don't know where to turn for advice? In addition to many books out there (search, here are a few helpful Web sites: