Just Think

A simple sentence can go so far when it comes to recognizing top performers. Here are 10 to get you started:

  1. “You really made a difference by …”;

  2. “I'm impressed with …”;

  3. “You got my attention with …”;

  4. You're doing top-quality work on …”;

  5. You're right on the mark with …”;

  6. “One of the things I enjoy about you is …”;

  7. “You can be proud of yourself for …”;

  8. “We couldn't have done it without your …”;

  9. “What an effective way to …”;

  10. You've made my day because …”

Source: Mark McCormack's Success Secrets

Need a Read?

It's a kind of torture: The splendid city of Vienna (or Budapest, Paris, New Orleans … you name the spot) awaits outside your hotel. But sightseeing is not on the agenda; you need to hunker down with your laptop to answer e-mails and do some Web research. Why not compromise and do your work in a cybercafé? In Florence, sip an espresso at one of the 17 computers at Internet Train, a cybercafé a block from the Duomo (www.fionline.it/internet_train). In Paris, try the Web Bar (www.webbar.fr). Details on these and 600 other cybercafés are packed into Cybercafes: A Worldwide Guide for Travelers by cyberkath@traveltales.com. The 334-page guide covers the globe, with info on prices, hours, directions, contact info and more. Order online from TeleAdapt, San Jose, Calif., www.teleadaptusa.com.

New Sensation

Santa Barbara's Bacara Resort & Spa has been making waves since it first opened its doors late last year. Maybe it's that Old Hollywood glamour. Or the fabulous ranch setting, nestled between the Pacific and the Santa Ynez Mountains. Or that half the 360 rooms and suites have their own fireplaces. Or that glorious spa.

No, it's the meeting space, plain and simple (actually far from simple): 42,000 square feet of it on three levels, with a ballroom that can accommodate up to 850 for a banquet. This isn't just a gorgeous new resort with meeting space: It's a meeting and incentive destination.

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