One of the main reasons people leave their jobs is because they feel unappreciated. That's not likely to be the case at Fallon Worldwide. The company's Dream Makers incentive program (our cover story) lets employees stash away a certain amount each month through payroll deductions, which the company matches up to $2,500. In three years, people can withdraw their pot and take two weeks' leave (in addition to vacation time) to fulfill the dream of their choice — whether it be to run with the bulls in Spain (someone did!) or to finish that novel they'd put aside.

Jen Jagielski chose to cruise around Europe on a motorcycle with her husband. “It says a lot about a company that they're willing to invest financially and give you the time off,” she told us. “It sounds corny, but it's great to know that your company cares about you.”

Even as an individual, there are things you can do to develop a culture of appreciation, respect, and recognition within your company. Start with something as simple as offering an afternoon of comp time on a sunny spring day. Or give someone who's gone above and beyond a thank-you note with a gift certificate for dinner for two tucked inside. Do it today.

Along these lines, I'd like to use the rest of this space to recognize two special industry leaders: John Potterton, CMP, director of business development, Conference Center Concepts, the winner of this year's Mel Hosansky Award; and Joan Eisenstodt, president, Eisenstodt Associates, the winner of IACC's Pyramid Award. Both were honored at the recent IACC (International Association of Conference Centers) meeting in Denver, and I was fortunate to be sitting with them when their names were announced. I saw first-hand the incredible power of respect and recognition.

It was a moment they (and I!) won't soon forget. Your employees won't either.