One of the best ways to establish a brand image in a potential client's mind is by creating a mascot and bringing it to life. The mascot can roam around a casual setting having fun with — and gently teasing — meeting attendees. Just imagine how far your company's image will go when it's posted on your client's bulletin board or computer screen.

Established in 1994, About Face Mascots has built a reputation for delivering personalized mascots anywhere in the world. Clients include universities, television production companies, and major corporations such as Pizza Hut and Kentucky Fried Chicken. About Face has even branched out internationally, working for advertising agencies in Malaysia and Japan.

Don't think your company is out of luck if its logo is an abstract or everyday image like a crumpled ball of paper or a paper clip.Company principals Barb Hanna and Karen Dollmont and their five-person team can build a mascot to match just about any request.

“We can take anything — an image in your logo, for instance — and turn it into a design,” says Dollmont.

Dollmont and Hanna first realized the need for a better mascot when they were performing in costumes made from others' designs. “We just had a lot of ideas about how to make the suits better,” says Dollmont.

Considerations they focus on include performer comfort, vision, and weight. Costumes are built with the latest technology, too: sound systems, ice vests to cool the performer, and a lightweight foam similar to that used in life vests. Finished designs usually weigh 20 to 30 pounds.

Check out this Web site if you're looking for something new for that upcoming meeting, event, or trade show.