Our sister magazine Special Events compiles the industry's only profile of the 50 biggest players in the world of event planning. Here are the top three:

  1. George P. Johnson Co., Auburn Hills, Mich. — With 5,000+ special events annually and revenues of more than $250 million, GPJ won a 2003 Gala Award, the industry's top honor, for the Siebel Systems Worldwide Conference.

  2. PGI Inc., Alexandria, Va. — Doing 2,000+ events each year, PGI ranks Sankyo Pharma, Conoco Phillips, and PeopleSoft among its top clients. Revenues topped $150 million in 2003.

  3. Jack Morton Worldwide, New York — The company plans about 300 events annually. In 2004, those will include the opening and closing ceremonies for the Olympic Games. Special Events estimates the company's 2003 revenues at $100 million.