Just Think Why not end your managers' meetings by having each participant share a story about one thing they have done to recognize someone on their staff? The energy this activity creates is contagious, and managers can learn from one another.

Source: Bob Nelson, Rewarding Employees newsletter.

Need a Read? Sometimes a useful primer is just what you need when you're learning about a topic, and that's exactly how we would describe Recognizing and Rewarding Employees, by R. Brayton Bowen (2000, McGraw-Hill). Unlike many books on the subject, this one addresses today's nontraditional workforce of free agents and telecommuters as well as the mind-set of the newest generations of workers. "We are becoming a virtual world, a community of virtual workers, managers, businesses and customers," Brayton Bowen says. "And the currency that makes it all go around is the currency of personal satisfaction." So true.

New Sensation We had the opportunity to check out Santa Monica's new Le Merigot during the July Meeting Professionals International conference in Los Angeles. Located right on the beach next to the Loews Santa Monica, the 175-room hotel has that distinctive boutique feeling, and was modeled after the hotels of the Cote d'Azur. The immediate impression is one of exclusivity and elegance--of having arrived. Highlights include a spa right on the pool terrace overlooking the Pacific, and the French restaurant, Cezanne. The 12,000 square feet of meeting space (known here as "event suites") include a private boardroom.

BookMark www.corbinball.com/tips.list.corbinslist.htm

We'd like to say we knew Corbin Ball when, because the Corporate Meetings & Incentives tech columnist is fast becoming the meeting industry's Web authority. So we're bookmarking Corbin's bookmarks. The "Corbin's List" section of his Web site (www.corbinball.com/tips.list.corbinslist.htm) has 1,756 links to Web sites that can help you better plan your meetings, including everything from venue search sites to tools for calculating room capacity to lists of hot dates. There are also hundreds of nonmeeting-related links that are just plain useful, encompassing sites on everything from e-mail privacy to spam filters to search engines.

Consider This "Any man who approaches a task thinking only of his own reward is doomed to failure." --Dwight D. Eisenhower