Here's the product for meeting planners with a little James Bond in their blood: Pencorder60. This snazzy looking (and patented) writing instrument doubles as a memo recorder, with a microchip rather than tape on which you can leave a total of 60 seconds of messages.

The device allows the user to skip forward and back among memos, repeat and selectively erase memos, and look incredibly cool in the process. Imagine flying along at 35,000 feet when you suddenly remember what you forgot to do. Just press the tiny record button and speak into the microphone at the top of the pen: "Order flowers for the chairman's suite." The microphone becomes a speaker when you play it back later. Pencorder75 will be out later this year, with 75 seconds of record time and a sleeker, less industrial look. The pens are for sale at Brookstone and Sharper Image stores for about $70 or can be ordered direct from Machina, 21 South Park, San Francisco, CA 94107; (415) 243-4340.