When summer arrives, your work life can sometimes feel unproductive as people take time off from the office and it’s harder to connect—yet you still have budgets, goals, and targets to achieve. Here are some strategies for keeping up your productivity this summer:

Take advantage of the weather.

Why not use the weather to your advantage and meet with staff outside? Clients might be more willing to meet with you if you invite them to an outdoor café to enjoy the fresh air.

Conduct a six-month business review. Ask yourself these questions:

-On a scale of 1 to 10, how would I rate business performance over the past six months?

-Did we achieve our financial goals each month? If not, why not and what do we need to do differently?

-Have I conducted staff reviews with my team? Have I rewarded my team adequately?

-Have I done three things to invest in my own personal development?

-Have I neglected my networking? For example, why not plan your own small networking event? Choose a location and invite four to six key strategic alliances who could also benefit from knowing each other, act as the host or hostess, and request that each person share their business or service.

Invest in your personal development.

Check the bestseller list for business books, and put at least one on your summer reading list. Is there a conference you could attend? Is there an online program you have wanted to complete, or a webinar that you’ve wanted to register for? This is a great time of year to invest in yourself.

Conduct a summer cleaning of your office:

-Clear, delete, or file the messages in your e-mail inbox.

-Unsubscribe from all newsletters that you don’t read.

-Get your filing up to date.

-Review your to-do list and your Outlook calendar and remove the tasks that simply won’t be completed.

-Spend 15 minutes cleaning the top of your desk, clean the dust off your family photo, throw away empty water bottles, and wipe down your computer keyboard and screen. A clean and clear desk will help you to be more productive any time of year!

-Enter details into your contact-management system of the business-card pile that has been sitting there for months.

Hold a team development activity.

Allocate some time to do something that gives back, like volunteering to assist a local charity or community center. Or do something together outdoors, like meeting early for a game of tennis before work or taking a half-day field trip to a nearby park for a picnic. Use the warmer weather to conduct outdoor versions of activities you normally conduct indoors.

Book a “tele-coffee” with your customers. What is a tele-coffee? It is when both parties grab a cup of coffee and meet by teleconference. It is a more efficient way of meeting (and avoids time wasted traveling to an office).

Visit a new networking group. Many industry groups don’t meet during the summer, but find ones that do and plan to attend at least two new groups this summer. This is the perfect time to develop new and valuable connections.

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