StarCite is helping planners to automate and streamline going green. The Philadelphia-based provider of meeting-management solutions has partnered with Meeting Strategies Worldwide Inc., a Portland, Ore.–based conference management, consulting, and training company, to help foster green meetings.

The partnership with Meeting Strategies Worldwide will provide StarCite users with access to MeetGreen, a package of online tools that help planners calculate and report on the environmental impact of their meetings. The MeetGreen Calculator provides planners with a sustainability assessment of their meetings by measuring more than 95 meeting criteria, such as food and beverage choices and site selection.

In addition, StarCite is upgrading its database of suppliers and vendors to distinguish between those that have green policies and practices in place and those that do not, says Mike Concannon, StarCite’s director of corporate services. “Meeting planners searching for hotels want to know if the property has a green initiative in place. StarCite will be able to flag those properties and provide information on the specific policy for planners to read.”

The database upgrade is scheduled for release this August and will be made available to all new and existing StarCite customers at no additional cost.

In addition to helping planners make more environmentally sound decisions, the company is also focusing on its own practices. Through an internal team called the StarCite Green Team, the company is embarking on a 12-pronged approach focusing on corporate social responsibility. The Green Team will spearhead a global effort within StarCite to “clean up its own act as it pertains to conserving valuable resources,” says Concannon. “It is our philosophy that being green is not a destination; you have to keep working at it.”

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